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    you know what the genymotion is. simply, it's emulator to run android app.straight to the point:
    1- Install virtualbox. the easiest way is to install it via Software Center. just search for it and then installyou have other options: navigate to VirtualBox  website, find your system installer package then install it, simpleor you can use 'wget' command.
    2- install Genymotion. you need to sign up to be able to download, which is free. to install genymotion open up terminal(CTRL+T) then run the following commands:you are in your home directory: cd Dowloandsgive executable permission to installation file. you might have different version: chmod +x genymotion-2.2.2_x64.binrun the installer:  ./genymotion-2.2.2_x64.binmove the directory to your home directory:                                                mv geymotion ~/.genymotionadd this executable path to make your life easier:  echo 'export PATH="/home/$USER/.genymotion:$PATH"' >> /.bashrc                       you don't have to add this but then you have to go to its directory and run it from there.now you can simply run it by : genymotion
    I had some problems after installation:Error while opening log file: /home//.Genymobile/genymotion.log what i did to solve this problem was that i created a hidden folder in the directory in error message and then just create a log file with that name. you need to replace the with your own user namecd home/mkdir .Genymobilecd .Genymobiletouch genymotion.log    
    Cannot mix incompatible Qt library i searched a lot to solve this problem, there were many solutions but the one actually worked was that just try to remove everyfile in genymotion instalation directory that are related to qt. you jut need to find files in every folder in installed directory with qt in their names and just delete them. that's it. now you can run genymotion by: genymotion  in terminal.after installation you can do whatever you want with it, it's simple and it's just configuring what you want and hitting next or ok.Goodluck
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    text format is not good enough, sorry about that. i did my best
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    better vwersion of this post and the rest of my posts are here http://krakenaround.blogspot.com.au/
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