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    if you want to run a program under Ubuntu and there is no version for that, you should install Wine program on Ubuntu then install whatever Windows program you want.
    Installing Wine is pretty easy, you have 2 options:

    1-Open Ubuntu software Center and search for wine and install it.
    2- In a terminal type 'sudo apt-get install wine'
    1.  after installing Wine, you just use Wine program to install your desired Windows programs. run 'Configure Wine' then ' in in 'Application' tab 'Add Application'. There's is a manual for helping users fro installing app under Wine, named 'WineTricks', which is really helpful. have fun enjoying Windows program under Ubuntu. I tried installing Notepadd++, which apparently doesn't have any release for Ubuntu. I installed it succesfully and works like a charm. you can see the link provided for more information.

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    • 2013-04-01 12:13:04Z
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