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    When the popular, reputable Italian financial magazine Panorama Economy placed then-20-year-old college student Matteo Achilli on its cover in March 2012 with the headline "Italian Zuckerberg," he became a media sensation.Soon every major Italian news outlet wanted to cover the kid who'd started a professional networking website calledEgomnia. Their interest, along with that of national politicians and business executives, expressed the hope that this young entrepreneur could become Italy's version of an American hotshot tech CEO, one who could rub shoulders with the real Mark Zuckerberg.Outlets outside of Italy have caught on to the hype as well, including the BBC, which just included Achilli in its new documentary "The Next Billionaires."Achilli, whose site won't be available to an international market until October, already has a dramatic biopic scheduled to premiere on Italian television next year and has made deals with Microsoft and Google.
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