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    QT is a cross-platform GUI framework which is being used for development mainly for c++, however it can be used for other programming languages.
    to install it in Ubuntu 13.10, there are couple of ways:
    1- you can use "sudo wget http://... if you know the the address and the up to date version.
    2- through software center
    3- by sudo apt-get install <package name>
    4 - download the suitable package by visiting https://qt-project.org/downloads

    i tried 1,2,3,4...all of them actually...
    nothing worked for me, the raeson might be i'm noob in Ubuntu or whatever reason you prefer, however i managed to install it anyway.

    my steps are as follows:   
    1- download your appropriate package for your OS from here


    2- having done that, open your terminal, navigate to where you have the package then run this command: 
      chmod +x <name_of_the_executable_file>
    this command just gives the executable permission to the installer.
    if you encounter a error, then you might have to run that in super user mode. then you just execute the file by 

    and that's it.
    i tried this and it worked for me. 
    if you find a better WORKING way, share it...pamador out
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    • 2014-02-19 08:55:42Z
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