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    Although Big Data technology has been advancing rapidly, we have not often seen completely new Big Data tech products hit the market. Most usually, it’s the same old names, releasing improved, upgraded versions of their applications. However, a new SQL engine is entering the fray, and from an unlikely source.Facebook, the social networking giant, in an act of unprecedented generosity, is releasing its custom built SQL engine, named Presto, under an open source license. Several major web based service providers are already testing Presto, with a view to switching their cloud based offerings to this scalable, powerful SQL engine.
    Facebook developed Presto to handle the incredible volume of queries that the social networking site generates each and every day. Facebook maintains a date repository that stores an amazing 300 petabytes of user data. Presto allows Facebook to query this date in real-time, across a 1000 node server cluster. Pretty impressive stuff. Presto incorporates learning algorithms and data analysis, as well as more traditional transactional processing.Originally, Facebook was built on Hadoop, but as the site grew in popularity, it soon outstretched the capabilities of Hadoop, and work on developing Presto was begun, after several other existing solutions were researched, tested and discarded. Facebook is releasing Presto under an open source license, and has hopes that the adoption of Presto by other companies, will help Facebook to improve the product.Facebook has already launched a website for Presto, and this can be found at the following URL:http://prestodb.io/
    On the very front page of this site is a simple video of a command line query being run via Presto. This results in 150 million rows of data, of almost 23Gb in size, being queried within just a couple of seconds, really impressive.We definitely recommend that interested parties check out the new Presto website, there is an awful lot of technical data made available, and of course, the source code is there for the taking.Whether Presto will make a large impact on the Big Date technology market is hard to judge. However, at a roots level, it does seem to offers some amazing performance. With companies such as Dropbox already putting Presto to good use, it is certainly off to a promising start.By Mac Wheeler
    • 2013-11-14 17:06:09Z
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