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    Testing a software, product, or website functionality is a important part of the whole process. it's even more important than the product itself. you have been working hard to deliver a product and then you release that without usability testing and when public come to use they encounter different errors, or difficulties while they are using the product, they get disappointed and never come back again ever. so it is better to spend some resources to test before releasing the product. there are quite many methods, but there is almost new one introduced by JAKOB NIELSEN, who is one of the leading scientists in this area. companies often test their products by using so many users and so many tests, which costs more and is really expensive. what this researcher offers is Discount Testing, which it simply means test a UI by 5 users with so many as many test you need. it cost way less, and the result is almost the same. there is also a reason that why to test with 5 users. 
    I put 2 links, one is explaining the Discount Usability Tests itself, and one is about why we only need 5 users.
    Overall, testing is better than not testing even with one user and one test.

    Pamador out
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