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    we as human being, who evolved over thousand of years, have been a social species. we like to be in a group, well mostly we do as long others respect our privacy, or we enjoy that time. we like working in groups. other members can  point out our problems which we might not have seen, or they could show us a way to solve a problem, or simply we could just not do our assigned works and let the other members be worried about it, and at the end they have to do out part as well. the reason is that they have been working hard for a while
    done everything on their part, they don't want to ruined it by some lazy smart pants. so they unwillingly do that person works as well, but on what cost? we all faced this situation, playing games, doing report in a company, doing assignment in college, high school, etc. there are 2 points of view here: one from that lazy person and one from other sides. that lazy person always finds somebody to stick to and gets whatever they want. not everybody knows him. they are always so talkative, because of the lack of skills on the job, or laziness, or even feeling smarter than others, since they think they can achieve more without trying hard like others do. on the other side, there are good guys. they want to get the job done. they do the best..almost the best...they can to deliver the jobs were assigned to them, and they expect others do the same,but we're not living in a ideal world, or are we? i share my recent experience in my 3 group projects which i've had this semester, and sadly i've been team mate with one of this type of creature in 2 of them. In one of the project we were supposed to tune a given database and write the SQL commands, test the run time, write a report of cost...time vs. space, etc. it was time consuming since the database was big, the biggest table had 300k records, and there are 10 tables with different size. having 2 weeks till due date, i'd been done just less than 50% of the assignment and there were other works as well. so this guy, who is my tutorial time too, asked me about the assignment. i said it's ok so far,  then he asked that do i want to team up? i instantly said yes, thinking it would be good we could finish earlier and better and we have other assignments as well.long story short, till due day, i had to walk through the guy to do this, to do that,and he was pissed at me!? on due day, i finished my part, and i said: "ok, this is tuning for each SQL part, you do the cost, space analysis. it should be easy, mainly copy lecture notes and write something. and that's exactly he did. he copy paste the lecture notes and sent it to me 4 hours before due time. i had to go through each of the part to make it better and at the end i submitted but that was awful. we just got the good mark for tuning section. in other group project, which was a UI design for HCI subject, we were supposed to create a website. i didn't need to be professional, it just needed to follow the requirements for HCI stuff. anyway, he was in our team too. he just talked and gives ideas," this one is better, that one looks good, we should do that..." at one point i got angry i asked" are you gonna do that? who's gonna do that in a short time? plus this is not our only assignment. he said why are you talking like that. i said sorry. whatever team decides i listen. at the end i was assigned to do the coding part for website, and he got the part to do the slides, which was 8 slides, and mainly copied from our first presentation n earlier week. result was, we got a good mark for prototype and presentation, but for the individual report he got the better mark than me, why? because i spent too much time on that website, and my individual report mainly...all of them actually... was done in last 2 days. as result i got just passing mark for my report. now, my question is i'm not that type of guy to be the same as him, but what can i do in team work? specially in college environment....wow i typed a lot...to whoever got here..well good job reading it...
    Pamador out
    • 2013-11-03 14:24:20Z
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    zagros said 2013-11-04 04:26:08Z
    I had same experience we had always in our team a person like that who though is more smart but practically he did nothing, after graduation we started some ... Read morenew staff together all he made excused and disappointed me, even in friendship!
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    zagros said 2013-11-04 04:23:53Z
    So many lessons learned, we call these all experience, hence valuable. The point is after graduation the person who was most involved deeply in doing the job ... Read moreinstead of copying can find job easier also would be more successful.
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