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    At Google they have one official compiled language, one official scripting language, and one official UI language. Yes, other languages are supported in some way or another, but sticking with "the big three" meant support libraries, tools, and an easier way to find collaborators.
    They are using C, C++, Python, Java. C, C++ , and java have have their popularity because they are good, well structured languages. Python is different story. it's kind of language that do anything...almost... you want in a simple...again almost...in a nice way. I refer you to read th following aricle about why Python is important for developer. that's why i'm taking a course on Python...:)
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    • 2013-05-11 11:41:35Z
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    zagros said 2013-05-11 18:26:08Z
    Recently you are posting a lot of nice article, I appreciate for your abstraction. Just one point about abstraction: In English the way they make abstract a ... Read morelittle bit different. In each paragraph you need to say you Idea first then support with some other main pints, then example. so in this case the article is about Python while in yours is last sentence! this way of writing is Iranian style.
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