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    Affordance is almost a new concept in Human computer interaction and mainly in GUI design. i said almost because the first use was around 1988 by Donald Norman, then some other scientist came and had different views and definition. the basic definition of affordance is how an object should be designed such that its visual characteristics give clue to users on how to use them, for example you design a 'X' mark to close a window so when a normal users see that their mental model have been set up such that 'X' closes a window. that's affordance in nutshell. there are different kinds of affordance: cognitive, physical, sensory, and operational. we also have false affordance, hidden affordance, perceptible affordance as well. for example false affordance means you design something which appear to do what it is supposed to do but it doesn't, like designing you design a static website which has everything but none of the functionality works. I refer you to read a good article in the reference section. i might gave a bad example.
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    Pamador said 2013-08-21 04:34:55Z
    googd article to read. if you don't want to answer the question you can read them and then just look at answers to see how important these concepts are in designing ... Read moreGUI or in general UI. http://www.asktog.com/columns/022DesignedToGiveFitts.html
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