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    This is the forum which we used for discussion and sharing ideas. it's mainly used in US and it gets lots of attention between universities. i attched some pic of its vironment
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    • 2013-06-22 13:10:46Z
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    Pamador said 2013-06-22 13:19:21Z
    in the left pane you see all the posts, which anybody can make. instructors can make a post and pin down to the top of the post list. if new post or comment, ... Read moreanswer comes up it shows up, no need to refresh the page. anybody can answer to that post in main pane. then there is discussion part down to the page..2nd pic...anybody can start a discussion then others come and have their saying. the creator of that discussion under that post is decide if that discussion is solved or not. in either case it shows in the left pane that if any post has unsolved discussion in it. i don't say just try to be like this, all i'm saying is to get the idea...pamador out
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