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    Since my last post noting happened here, come on guys, show some respect for your own sake. where was I?...aha...
    for last couple of weeks I have to learn PHP for one of my subjects assignments. It's mostly about writing SQL queries and use them in a already set up website, fetch data, save them, pass them, and these kind of operations, however it's more complicated than it looks like.I didn't have any idea about how to program in PHP, we know some programming languages, they are look the same at first but when you go deep you'll see the differences, and this is not just 'Hello World' program. then I have been pushed to learn the stuff needed. I didn't have time, beacuse of assignment due, lazyness of other team members, lack of coffee...whatever the reasons are. I learned to program in PHP, not saying I'm expert now but I learned quit a lot of stuff in a short time. my point is, if you want to learn something, you must have 2 things: first and most important part is the ultimate desire to do that..either by your decision or by have been forced by other things. second is good resources to boost you up at first stages. we have good lecturers who give us good materials; right the one it's needed, if you feel you need more, they give you references, then you go for that and search to get whatever you want.
    final word is if you want to do something...bad or good...you need to be pushed by yourself or other causes, then you'll find the way.it might takes shorter or longer period of time for different people but it'll benefit you at the end. I have more to say but time to go...if you have any experience in that, please share it in comment...Pamador out
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    zagros said 2013-06-03 13:07:19Z
    But I guess discipline is important and not wasting the time, I remember I was student 12 years ago, I had a classmate(Still have him) he has a good discipline ... Read morealso as far as we did not Facebook and internet he just concentrated on his courses, I remember one he got 21 out of 20 in mid term ;) so I think we need to concentrate and be way from useless activity and not killing the time, because it is part of our body we lost days to get experience so better to not lost parts of our body and getting nothing. It is true don't be looser Reza!
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    zagros said 2013-06-01 04:06:35Z
    I am not sure all people are like that but I know many and of course myself are like that. As an example, in current job I was supposed to know Silverlight, ... Read moreI passed interview but I did not know anything about it at all I had almost 3 weeks before leaving country and join Xchanging (my current company) but I could not study just a few hours! once I reached Malaysia and joined new company I learned so fast and after 2 weeks I did creative things in Silverlight that my manager surprised while before that I was not forced so no result, once I forced best result! The point is after you are forced to do something you automatically concentrate and performance is like 90%+ same story happened in my whole life in final exam, the thing I am sure is if I studied or worked like that in normal situation I would be super successful man. My conclusion is if we can concentrate in normal situation at least in 30% of our time we can make impossible to possible.
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