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    I recently came across a new weblog called unihub.wordpress.com.
    the attitude is really good. it's not a professional website though. I put the first post here..

    The goal of this site it to promote free higher education for anyone with access to the internet. We are striving for equal opportunities for anyone eager to learn and teach. This project aims to provide access to University resources for anyone who is underprivileged is some way or form, whether it be affordability or remoteness of higher education, and even current University students looking for extra study material.

    The most valuable human resource is education. A well educated individual is able to make good decisions and be more involved in world problems and finding ways to solve them. But unfortunately in the current society, higher education has become institutionalized. Universities and colleges are charging hefty fees for a service that requires very little and can be potentially done for free! Science knows no boundaries…country, race, religion are irrelevant. The only important thing is the most innate human behavior: curiosity and the hunger for knowledge.

    This project is meant to act as a centralized place where everything will be available. Notes/papers/questions/tutorial/lectures/exams will be posted on every topic offered at University level.

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